Preliminary Agenda

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8:00AM - 5:30PM

13th Annual Chemical Management Services (CMS) Workshop: Supply Chain Sustainability in Practice


Start your week in Indianapolis a day early with the annual Chemical Management Services (CMS) Workshop. Co-located with NAEM's Annual EHS Forum, the Workshop draws EHS and supply chain professionals from a range of manufacturing, research and chemical intensive sectors. Attendees to both events receive a discount - a great way to maximize travel budgets and learn about this growing best practice in chemicals management.


CMS is an innovative approach to chemical supply chain management, proven to reduce chemical cost, use and environmental impact. Utilized in more than 12 industrial and research-based sectors, CMS is becoming a best practice among leading companies. The one-day event features in-depth CMS case studies, international trends in chemical management, regulatory insights, and practical examples of how to improve chemical management. Speakers include representatives from UTC, General Motors, Raytheon, Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin and other thought leaders in the chemical management field. The workshop is a great way to hear perspectives from both customers and suppliers about how to develop a CMS program at your company.


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In-house EHS Manager s:$250
Supplier/Consultant/Vendor s:$1,800

8:00AM - 5:30PM

U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development Fall Meeting 2010


The U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development is co-locating their fall meeting with the NAEM Forum! The USBCSD promotes sustainable development by creating value through action, establishing networks and partnerships, and providing a voice for the industry. Their Fall Meeting will present six exciting and robust strategic themes for the US BCSD, positioning the organization at the forefront of sustainable development projects and education. Arrive in Indianapolis a day early and take advantage of this chance to learn more about the USBCSD and their work. This event will provide an interactive environment for sustainable development leaders and experts to expand their involvement with the US BCSD, and for new or prospective members to gain valuable information from the industry's leading experts. For more information and to register, please visit the USBCSD's event page.

1:30 - 5:00pm

Sustainability and EHS Excellence Facility Tours Sponsored by Heritage Environmental


Start your 2010 NAEM Forum Experience off early - join fellow NAEM manufacturing members on a facility tour of either:

  • Subaru of Indiana facility, an award winning, zero landfill manufacturing site or
  • Micronutrients, a state of the art facility providing recycling/reuse alternatives to waste disposal.

Transportation to and from the Downtown Marriott will be provided to participating EHS managers. To sign up please email your name, company, contact information and which of the facility tours you would like to attend to Space is limited and the deadline to sign up is October 8th, 2010.


A little about each facility:

The Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. site is known for [its] many "Firsts in the Industry." These include being the first automotive manufacturer in North America to be certified in the ISO 9001 International Standard of Quality, the first to be certified to the ISO 14001 International Standard for Environmental Management, the first to be "Smoke Free," the first to be designated a "Backyard Wildlife Habitat," and, in 2004, the first to achieve "ZERO Landfill Status." Additional details can be found at


The Micronutrients production facility was built in 1995, with FDA approval; after multiple years of research to find alternative uses for etchants from printed circuit boards. Studies found that when certain etches were combined with each other a copper salt TBCC (Tri Basic Copper Chloride) was produced along with a reclaimed etchant that could be sent back to the etchant manufacturer. Additional details can be found at

Sponsored by:

12:00 - 6:00PM

Conference Registration Open

Beat the crowds. Pick up your materials at the NAEM registration desk and avoid long lines on Wednesday.


12:00 - 6:00PM

Exhibitor Move-In Open


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

7:00 - 8:00AM

Registration Open and Continental Breakfast

8:00 - 8:30AM

Welcome and Introductions

8:30 - 10:00AM

General Session A - Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything, Dr. Daniel Goleman


The bestselling author of 'Emotional Intelligence' and 'Primal Leadership', Daniel Goleman reveals the hidden environmental consequences of what we make and buy, and shows how new market forces can drive the essential changes we all must make to save our planet.

10:00 - 10:30AM

Break in the Exhibit Hall


Track 1: Global Risk Management

Track 2: Engagement

Track 3: Sustainability Metrics

Track 4: Product Stewardship

10:30 AM - 12:00PM

Enterprise Compliance Strategies


In an increasingly complex global regulatory environment, EHS managers are constantly challenged to determine if their compliance efforts meet the spirit and intent of a mountain of complex regulatory requirements that are often ambiguous and confusing. This session will examine examples where this ambiguity exists and strategies and problem solving techniques EHS managers can apply to their emerging and current compliance processes as well as to internal decision making.


- Jeff Blake, Director, Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs, Barnes Precision Component

- Loren Polak, Director of Environmental Management, Bunge North America

- Christopher Cox, Environmental Manager, Deere & Company

Partnering with Real Estate and Facilities to Build Workplaces of the Future


This session will examine how EHS and Sustainability managers are partnering internally to integrate sustainability concepts into their physical workspace and embrace the growing trend toward mobile workplaces. Attendees will hear from peers who have advance these programs in their companies with special emphasis on lessons learned from their experiences.


- Larry Deeney, Senior Manager of Environmental Sustainability, General Mills, Inc.

- Steve Kooy, Sr. Environmental Engineer & Global Sustainability Leader, Hayworth Inc.

- Darryl LeDoux, Senior Manager Safety & Security, Autodesk Inc.

Driving EHS AND Sustainability Excellence


EHS managers are increasingly being asked not only to ensure compliance but to develop a formal sustainability program as well. This session will look at how EHS managers are embedding sustainability concepts into every-day EHS compliance and auditing workflows. It will explore questions like: How is this impacting the role of the EHS manager? How are EHS managers getting both done? And what does this integration look like on EHS org chart?


- Paul Narog, Manager, Environmental Operations, 3M
- Larry Perry, Director, Global Environmental Compliance, PepsiCo Inc.
- Don Hayden, EHS Manager, Reynolds Packaging

Implementing Life Cycle Analysis to Advance Product Stewardship Initiatives


There are many considerations and approaches to LCA. This session will provide an overview of the process and examine examples from companies who’ve performed LCAs with a discussion of the pitfalls and strengths of their approaches. It will also explore how companies are using LCA results to drive strategic business decisions, articulate ROI and advance product stewardship.


- Linda Kurtz, Corporate Environmental Manager, Wm Wrigley Jr. Company
- Ray Lizotte, Group Expert, Office of Environmental Stewardship, APC
- Audrey Templeton, P.E.Environmental Engineer, MillerCoors

12:00 - 1:30PM


1:30 - 3:00PM

Auditing: Coordinating Efforts to Drive Effectiveness


For companies that have to maintain EHS programs across cultures and borders, auditing your efforts can become a huge task. From audits for compliance to management systems, companies are looking for ways to combine their efforts and conserve resources. This session will examine how companies are structuring different types of auditing programs to maximize value and minimize overlap. Specifically, attendees will get strategies for how to audit and capture information for small sites where a full audit team might not appropriate, maximize participation and results by taking certain preparation steps before the audit and understand the full spectrum of EHS risk at sites and beyond the traditional site audit.


- Paul Bender, Compliance Assurance Manager, GE  Aviation Systems
- Steve Huntzinger, Director EHS North America, Cephalon, Inc.
- Chris Milici, Director, Global EHS & Security, JohnCrane, Inc.

Managing Sustainability Aspects of Supply Chains


Depending on where your company sits in the supply chain, you’re likely asking for or being asked for information about your EHS, labor and other sustainability practices and the environmental and safety attributes of your products and services. Regulatory requirements both here and abroad, and concerns about business risk are driving companies to be more diligent in overseeing the sustainability aspects of their suppliers' goods, services and practices. This session will examine how companies are responding to these challenges, including an overview of best practices among supply chain programs. The session will also address how supply chain initatives can be managed in a decentralized company, and how firms are tailoring these programs to meet customer and other stakeholder demands.


- Bill Blackburn, President, William Blackburn Consulting, Ltd and former VP & Chief Counsel, EHS, Baxter International
- Wouter Peddemors, Director, Fiber/Technical, FutureMark Paper Co.
- Samuel S. Waldo, Director, EHS & Support Services, Amphenol Corporation

Defining the Metrics that Matter


Making metrics interesting and relevant to stakeholders, both internal senior managers, and external stakeholders is tough job. How are companies doing this and how are they normalizing their metrics reporting? With all the data companies are collecting, how are EHS and Sustainability mangers zeroing in and focusing the conversation around the metrics that really matter to their organization?


- Mike Christian, Manager EHS Stewardship, Goodrich Corporation
- Mike Miller, Global EHS Director, Danaher
- Lindsay Stoda, Senior Business Analysis, Sustainability, Interface, Inc.



Partnering with Other Business Functions for Product Stewardship Success


EHS is often the ‘de facto’ corporate owner of Product Stewardship. However, Product Stewardship spans not only the globe, but almost every aspect of the business. Ensuring product stewardship compliance while meeting and exceeding customer requirements for ‘green design’ is a huge challenge. Marketing, R&D/Product Development, Finance and Corporate Communications are key for launching successful green products. Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Legal and IT are all vital to put in place a successful Product Stewardship regulatory compliance program. How do you engage all these functions to form an effective team that can cohesively grapple with the immense complexities associated with Product Stewardship? Attend this session and learn from leading companies currently dealing with these issues and be sure to bring your own experiences and questions!


- Kathy Brewer, Product Stewardship Program Manager, HP
- John Harris, Global HSE Product Stewardship Coordinator, Eli Lilly

3:00 - 3:45PM

Break in the Exhibit Hall

3:45 - 5:15PM

Communicating EHS Risk: Delivering a Difficult Message


An important part of all EHS managers’ jobs is identifying and articulating a range of compliance and non compliance risks their companies face. In some cases these risks are so large they can cause major disruptions in operations and in worse case scenarios, even challenge a company’s license to operate. Delivering this message to senior managers and internal stakeholders in a way that they understand and are adequately prepared for these risks is not an easy task. Join this session to discuss communication ideas and tactics you can use to ensure your organization understands and is managing enterprise EHS risks. This idea-share session will feature shorter case studies and a facilitated discussion. Attendees should come ready to share their ideas and hear what other innovative EHS communicators are doing!


- Mike Gromacki, VP Operations and Chief Sustainability Officer, Dixie Chemical Company Inc.

- Rodney Davis, Senior Manager Global Sustainability, Mattel, Inc.

Building Trust with Government & Regulators through Voluntary Programs


This discussion will explore and identify opportunities for EHS managers to engage in a voluntary setting and build relationships with regulators at the Federal level. It will highlight opportunities and updates to voluntary initiatives such as OSHA VPP and the new EPA E3 program that can be particularly effective for building collaborative relationships with these stakeholder groups. Attendees are encouraged to come ready to share their own interactions and insights from their experiences as well as questions they may have about participating in voluntary programs.


- Al Loiselle, Corporate EHS Manager and VPP Lead, Raytheon

- Stephen Newell, Director EH&S Programs, ORC Worldwide

- Kristin Pierre, Manager of E3 and Green Supplier Network , U.S. EPA

Looking to the Future: Developing Social Metrics


As the concept of sustainability—the integration and balance of the economic, environmental and social responsibility dimensions or the triple bottom line—gets broader acceptance, through multistakeholder efforts like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the ISO 26000 to name a few, organizations are challenged to determine and report on the impacts of their operations and products. The “Social” leg of the triple bottom line has historically received less attention, but increasingly managers, investors and other stakeholders are pushing for social metrics; and more recently, the inclination is to extend that reporting throughout the supply chain. In this session, participants will learn about approaches taken by organizations to identify and report on their social impacts as well as learn about recent trends that will enable the identification of social indicators throughout the product/service lifecycle.


- Catherine Benoit, Lead Developer, UNEP Social Life Cycle Assessment Guidelines

- Paul Bowen, Water Technology Director, The Coca Cola Company

- Thomas Laginess, Product Steward, BASF Chemicals

Chemical Management Services: A Unique Model for Reducing Lifecycle Chemical Costs and Use


Many would be surprised to know that most companies do not have a clear understanding of what they spend on purchasing chemicals – let alone, managing them. The true costs of chemicals can be obscured because they are distributed among many departments within a company. Identifying these costs can enable business and environmental managers to pinpoint problem areas and identify opportunities for cost savings and chemical use reduction. This session will provide an overview of the Chemical Services Model and offer insights into both what’s required to implement a program, as well as the benefits they’ve seen from their efforts. Attendees will have a chance to ask questions and explore opportunities this approach might offer their company in their efforts to manage and reduce chemical use throughout their operations.


- Hal Ehrhardt, Manager Energy and Environment, Lockheed Martin Corporation

- Vickie Mecsey, Manager of Global Environmental Programs, General Motors Corporation


Moderated by: Jill Kauffman Johnson, Executive Director, Chemical Strategies Partnership

5:30 - 7:00PM

Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall

With ample food and beverages, this annual hosted reception kicks off the conference and is a great way connect with friends and colleagues you haven’t seen in months, or maybe even decades, and to meet with service providers in a casual environment.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

7:30 - 8:15AM

Continental Breakfast (Registration opens at 7AM)

8:15 - 8:30AM

Morning Remarks

8:30 - 10:00AM

General Session B - What is this thing called Sustainability? Opportunities and Challenges for EHS Organizations


The challenges faced by EHS organizations as companies move to incorporate principles of sustainability into business strategy are some of the most important challenges facing the EHS professional today. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Corporate EHS Vice Presidents discuss how companies and leaders of EHS organizations are incorporating sustainability goals and targets into their business operations and leadership roles and what corporate sustainability initiatives mean for traditional EHS organizations and personnel. For EHS managers tasked with implementing or supporting sustainability efforts, this session will offer insights and strategies that can be taken back and applied immediately.

  • Mary Armstrong, Vice President, EHS, Boeing Company

  • Sandy Stash, Vice President, EHS, Talisman Energy Inc.

  • William O'Rourke, Vice President, Sustainability, Environmental, Health and Safety, Alcoa Inc.

Facilitated by: Stephen Ramsey, former Vice President of EHS for GE and Lecturer at the Yale School of Forestry

10:00 - 11:00AM

Break in the Exhibit Hall


Track 1: Global Risk Management

Track 2: Engagement

Track 3: Sustainability Metrics

Track 4: Product Stewardship

11:00AM - 12:30PM

Climate Change: Strategic Business Risks and Opportunities


How does your company characterize and define climate risk to the business? How will climate change potentially impact your operations and business? This is increasingly a line of questions EHS and Sustainability managers are being called on to help answer. From the reputational risks to operational risks, this session will examine tactics and strategies such as scenario planning and adaptation techniques that companies are exploring to mitigate climate change risks to their business and identify potential business opportunities


- David Raney, Senior Manager, Environmental and Energy Affairs, American Honda Motor Company Inc.
- Bill Sisson, Director Sustainability, United Technologies Research Center
- Laurie Counsel, Energy and Environmental Relations Director, Cummins Inc.

Multi Generational Workforce Challenges: Mind the Gap!


Much has been written and discussed about the differences in the way workers from different generations and disciplines think, act and communicate and these differences can have a real impact on the success of your EHS and Sustainability efforts. Attend this session and see how leading companies are attracting, and engaging employees around Sustainability and EHS integration, as well as how they are addressing physical and ergonomic issues that arise with worker from all generations.


- Candy Chambers, Employee Relations Consultant, AEP
- David Newman, Senior Director Sustainability, Millipore Corporation
- William Porter, Research Engineer, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Using Systems Thinking to Drive Sustainability


From the White House to the executive board room, the concept of Systemic Thinking is being recognized as an exciting way to approach increasingly complex problems. By understanding issues in terms of their context and relationships to each other, leaders can assess a wider range of possible solutions and make better, more informed decisions. This session will explore the Systemic Thinking approach, and shed light on its natural connection to the concept of sustainability. Participants will learn about Systemic Thinking tools through current case study examples of macro-environmental issues involving multi-stakeholder engagement.


- Nancy Roberts, Green MBA Faculty, Dominican University

Trends and Drivers in the Green Product Labeling Certifications


Product sustainability indexes & green product certifications like the Walmart index are having a big impact on business. In addition to the WalMart index, this session will explore other product rankings and certifications and provide insight from companies who’ve pursued or participated in these efforts. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the landscape and tips and strategies for how to best participate with these product ranking indices, what the major challenges are and how their peers are addressing these challenges.


- Rob Currie, Director Environment, Health & Safety, Baxter Healthcare Corp.
- Balaji Jayaseelan, Manager Global Sustainability, Newell Rubbermaid

12:30 - 1:45PM

Exhibitor Luncheon and Keynote Presentation: High Performance with High Integrity, Ben W. Heineman


When it comes to setting priorities for your organization, what’s more important: performance or integrity? Ben Heineman, former adviser to General Electric CEO's Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt and GE’s chief legal officer for nearly 20 years, says a true leader doesn’t choose. Join us as he discusses his latest book, “High Performance with High Integrity” and examines the dark side to our free market system, outlining the principles corporate leaders must follow to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing global business environment.

1:45 - 3:15PM

Emerging Health, Safety and Environmental Risks


From industrial and computer station ergonomics to nano materials to water scarcity, this session will address some of the distinct emerging environmental, health and safety risks EHS managers are dealing with and the solutions they are putting in place to address these management challenges at their organizations.


- Shaun Clancy, Ph.D., Director, Product Regulatory Services, Evonik Degussa Corporation
- Tracy Beaudry, Health and Safety Manager, Goodrich Corporation
- Debbie Hammond, Director EHS Governance, Abbott

Tools and Techniques for Safety Culture Change


As a concept, culture change is bandied about in the EHS world quite frequently and always with the understanding that it’s a process that takes time and involves all your employees. But what does it really mean and how do you effect a culture change? What are some of the tools people are using (like safety moments)? How do you know when you’ve been successful and how do you ensure that your new culture stays in place? Attend this session and learn about the newest and most effective tools to drive culture change in your company!


- Lidia Peterson, Director, Environment, Safety and Health, ITT Systems Corporation
- Jay Spano, ESH Regional Manager, ITT Corporation Residential & Commercial Water
- Gay Trovei, Director Responsible Care Process, Ashland

- Mitchell Mitgang, Director, ESH Audit/M&A, ITT Corporation

GHG Management: Beyond Scope 1 & 2


Over the last 2-3 years, companies have made great strides in their initial efforts to measure their GHG emissions. As companies’ management systems progress in their maturity, they are now beginning to address more complex issues such as how to think about GHG emissions embedded in products and distribution, or measuring GHG emissions from employee travel. This session will explore this next generation of GHG metrics and provide examples of how companies are tackling these challenges.


- Barruch Ben-Zekry, Environmental & Sustainability Specialist, Levi Strauss & Co.
- Willie Johnson, Product Supply Sustainability, Proctor & Gamble Company
- Monique Oxender, Global Supervisor, Supply Chain Sustainability, Ford

Meeting the Onslaught of Product Focused


Regulations: Case Studies

Over the past decade, the number and variety of environmental and safety regulations that are focused on products has increased substantially.  Every company is now facing some type of environmental requirement and has had to develop the business processes to comply.  This session looks at three examples of leading companies who, having found themselves subject to a new environmental requirement, implemented the innovative business processes to comply and in some cases turn a regulatory requirement into a business advantage.


- Anne Venneta Richard, EH&S/Product Safety Manager, Alcatel-Lucent
- Christopher Scholl, Director, HSE, Saint-Gobain Corporation
- George Valaitis, RoHS Program Manager, AB SCIEX

3:15 - 3:45PM

Afternoon Break

3:45 - 5:15PM

Ecosystems Services: New Horizon Thinking


Ecosystems provide products and services to society and business that few rarely think about. Sadly the majority of the world’s ecosystems are severely threatened. This leading edge topic is sure to provide you with some new ideas for thinking about risk management as it explores how companies are beginning to integrate ecosystem service concepts into existing decision making processes. Specifically this session will explore the business risks and opportunities that come to light when a company understands and values the ecosystems that provide products and services critical to their businesses and how their business activities impact the ecosystems they operate in. Attendees in this session will come away with a better understanding of how to identify and value the services and product they receive from ecosystems, as well as how to articulate the business risks that arise as these systems are degraded.


- John Finisdore, Associate, Business & Ecosystems Services Project, World Resources Institute

- Diane Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Environmental Affairs, American Electric Power Co. Inc.
- Andy Mangan, Executive Director, US Business Council for Sustainable Development

Developing Your Strategy to Engage External Ranking Firms


The growing Socially Responsible Investment and Green Ranking movement (Bloomberg Sustainability Survey, CDP, DJSI) has gotten the attention of the investor relations function, CFOs and CEOs across business. Much of the data these stakeholders seek from companies comes directly from the EHS function. What is the benefit to companies of engagement with these groups? What is the role of the EHS manager beyond managing all the data? Which rankings or ratings offer the most business value? Attend this session and gain an understanding of the major players in this space and discuss which entities’ warrant an extra effort to respond to as well as how to work with your Investor Relations function and other internal partners to maximize the results of your engagement efforts.


- Sally Curley, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, Cardinal Health
- Rina Levy, ESG Equity Analyst, Bloomberg
- Carol Singer, Executive Director, NAEM

Green Energy Success Stories: Understanding Your Options


When a purely financial return on investment for a green power project is hard to demonstrate, what are your alternatives? This session will provide an overview of the options and strategies companies can use to move forward with energy and GHG footprint reductions. From project design and planning to financial analysis and costs, this session will look at how companies are developing their green energy strategy and what approach made sense for their business, whether it was an onsite renewable installation, green power purchases or other partnership efforts. Speakers will also discuss their primary project goals and the lessons they learned along the implementation journey.


- Blaine Collison, Director, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA Green Power Partnership
- Sulaiman Hamidi, Manager, EHS Global Technical Operations, Allergan
- Susan Morrissey, Corporate Environmental Manager, Global Environmental Affairs & Safety, The Estee Lauder Companies

Waste Management for the 21st Century: Zero Landfill and Beyond


From manufacturing waste, to toxics and waste water, “zero waste” goals are popping up all over business. But how are companies actually meeting these goals? Attend this session and learn from leading companies who are working towards zero waste goals.


- Mike Lloyd, Director, Global Environmental Services, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
- Steve Walker, Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Burt’s Bees
- David Wilkerson, Corporate Director, Sustainability and Product Stewardship, Shaw Group Inc.

6:30 - 10:00PM

Networking Dinner Event and Tailgate party at the NCAA Hall of Champions


This casual, tail-gate themed dinner event will give attendees after-hours access to the NCAA Hall of Champions museum displays and interactive games. Make new friends and build your network while shooting free throws or seeing who can drive a golf ball the farthest. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in your college alumni gear and comfortable shoes so you can be ready to compete. Drink tickets, food and full access to the Hall are included in your ticket price, which you can purchase when you register.

Friday, October 15, 2010

8:30 - 11:30AM

Closing Breakfast and General Session C - Lessons from the Sustainable Food and Restaurant Movement, Francis Shott and Mark Pascal


Join the “Car Talk” guys of food, as they deliver a fun, flavorful and interesting closing breakfast keynote at this year’s Forum. As owners of two highly successful and environmentally conscience restaurants in New Jersey, they will offer anecdotes and observances on how and why this latest food movement has broader implications for how we define “sustainability” and what we can learn from the drivers of this movement about how we run our own businesses and develop sustainable products and services.


Conference Adjourns